Sunday, October 1, 2017

happy sunday...

Do you have a fall bucket list? I saw on Tuckernuck's Instagram account this morning that they got all of their employees together and made a bucket list.  How fun is that!  I absolutely love that idea... Well, as you all know I am the only employee here at the rustic rooster, so here's my list {this is for the month of October} ...

1.) Clean out every closet in my house {eliminate}
2.) Take a cooking class
3.) Not spend money on clothes for 1 month 
4.) Write in my journal everyday 
5.) Workout 5 days a week {sculpt and run}
6.) Eat really really healthy {no sugar or carbs}
7.) Get a new car 
8.) Train for a running race with Taylor {5k}
9.) Carve pumpkins 
10.) Have a fall dinner with dear friends {outside}

What's your October bucket list... 
Please share! 

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