Saturday, October 28, 2017

5 minutes

I can't take my eyes off this little office space... It's absolutely perfect from head to toe! The white semi-gloss cabinets, classic  wood floors, small white orchid, loving family photos,   simple flat roman shade to the bamboo desk chair! Nothing fancy at all... L O V E!  I know this little space is probably just off the kitchen and staged for this picture... But it's done just right.  I do dream that my office space would look like this. Reality is I have piles of paper {organized} and stuff {wood samples/fabric} all around. I try my hardest to leave my desk very organized and clean after each work day. I do take the trash out and throw any unnecessary junk away and sharpen my pencils before I leave my office for the day. Truth! My dad always taught me, take 5 minutes at the end of your day and clean up your mess because the next day that you sit down at your space it needs to be clean and organized to start your new day off just right... Fresh, clean and ready to conqure the world! I think I can do just that {wink}... Off to go clean my office space! What are your plans for this Saturday?   

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