Thursday, May 18, 2017


Well, Miss Taylor's is at the age that she wants to spread her wings a bit and I'm at the age where we can do it together and have fun {wink}. So last last week we decided to go to the Chainsmokers concert. OK not going to lie the laser lights and the base did kind of get to me, but OMG I felt alive and free dancing with my little ones. So fun! Taylor and I laughed and giggled like two little BFF's out on the town. Shhh so I have to tell you something... Taylor kept doing the cutest thing throughout the entire concert {no joke}... She would grab may arm and cuddle up to me. Then she would lean over and give me tons of kisses on my cheek and say OH, mom I love you so much! Not going to lie I savored and soaked up every minute of that concert with her. She is so kind and loving its insane. Her heart is beyond pure and all she wants to do is help others and give. I know when God was handing out babies from heaven I sure was given the greatest gift of all! So get out and enjoy something with your little ones... Do a date day or night. Tell them you love them... Little random acts of kindness will warm you little ones right up! This night I will never  ever forget. so what's next on our adventure train... Just wait and you shall see! 

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