Saturday, April 29, 2017

mildly obsessed

Who wants an amazing workout that will really kick start your "get in shape" routine in high gear? Well, I've got it, but it's not for the weak or feeble. Are you good in 102 degree heat? Can you lift weights, push through intense mountain climbers and do lunges till you can't walk anymore... Still in 102 degree heat? If you said, yes to all of that then you need to try my heated sculpt yoga class in Carmel Valley. It's crazy, but I crave the heat and the intense workout. So good! The instructors help as well. They're all so fun in each class I take. Yes, you have different style teachers and different types of music, but you definitely have the same killer workout... And I really mean killer! It hurts so bad, but you love it at the end! I believe they have a week free trial if you've never been there before... Ask I'm not 100% sure. Hope to see you in a class with me {please say HI}

4639 Carmel Mountain Road 
San Diego, CA 92130 


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