Saturday, August 6, 2016

summer olympics {2016}

Did you all watch the Opening ceremony in Rio last night? OMG I did and I got the chills! Despite all the negativity surrounding the topic of Rio hosting the 2016 Olympics... It's the 2016 Summer Olympics people and this is a time where we are all brought together as one for 16 days. Yaaaaaa Seeing athletes in all their glory and at their lowest moment. You watch in awe and are motivated to become a track and field  sprinter for the day {wink}! My point is... Enjoy and soak up every moment that you can!  These athletes are a.m.a.z.i.n.g and have pushed themselves to a limit that is unimaginable! I forget which country it was, but one woman trains by herself in a park with the public around her. No bling bling facilities... She does it because she wants it! Now that's a true athlete! We all can do what we want, when we want too! So go write that book, strut your stuff like Gisele and swim like Phelps! Yaaaa the Olympics are on! I do have to say one last thing...

 ..Go USA..Go USA..Go USA..

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