Thursday, January 14, 2016


{my little baby will always be this little to me... 6 years old}

So as I was driving to pick up my kids from school the other day... A million things were swimming through my brain {typical}. Work, life, dinner and kids. Taylor kept popping in and out of my brain from that moment on. She's at the age now that she's becoming a little lady. In a few months she will be  turning 10 years old {oh my gosh}. She's getting taller, showing more attitude, little moody, developing physically and thinking differently about people and things... So as a mother you always want to protect your little babies from anything and everything because kids can be cruel at this age {really at any age}.  Some kids unfortunately  do not have a filter... And just say what's on their minds. Yikes! Taylor's now  staring to noticing smells on her body and other kids bodies as well. I'm trying to discuss with her that she can be in control of how she presents herself. All of this is totally normal... Definitely the fun process of growing up. Good times! So I had an idea to always keep her prepared and semi protected! I decided to make her a little safety bag that she can keep in her backpack. This is super simple to make... One quick little trip to Target and done! Hopefully this emergency kit will put her mind at ease so she can still be a kid... Not going to lie I wish my mom had done something like this when I was in school. I think it would have definitely solved all my problems {wink}! Just kidding mom... I was fine!   

1.) Baby Wipes... If your armpits start to smell use a baby wipe to clean them. So the odor goes away.

 2.) Mouthwash... In a hurry and need to have fresh breath. Swish and go!

3.) Deoterant... We all need extra armpit protection when we're active. These little kids are always on the go and moving!

4.) Altoids... Can't leave the class room and your breath smells like Darth Vader. Pop a mint!

5.) Mini travel toothbrush... If you have food stuck in your teeth from lunch... Excuse yourself and brush your teeth fast
{you can even hide in a stall... so no one sees you}.

6.) Toothpaste... You can always put a little toothpaste in your mouth and rub it around with your tongue. No one will ever know! 

If you have a little girl I would recommend  this... Hmmmm now I need to create something for Mr. Ryan.  Ahhh man that's a whole different ballgame.  hahah

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