Tuesday, January 5, 2016

changing it up

{all images from rustic rooster's pinterest

So I'm on this new and exciting mission to change my company's look. I want a more classic and elegant feel. I know having the name rustic rooster interiors isn't so classic sounding, but I'm pretty sure I can achieve it. So branding and re-marketing myself and my company is in order. I'm so excited! I guess that means I have to dress up now and act professional {haha}! I did want to change my business name to Alexandra Scully Designs... But I'm having a hard time with that one. Some say,  "Yes!" Some say, "No that's career suicide." I know I will make the right decision that feels good to me... But in the mean time I just want some beautiful letterpress cards. Does anyone know of a good company that I could use... Please e-mail me {alexandra@rusticrooster.com}!


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