Wednesday, January 13, 2016

if i win

So I decided to let myself dream last night... What if? What if I won the 1.3+ billion dollar Powerball winning? Oh my gosh... First off, I think I would truly have a heart attack, scream... Shhh maybe pee in my pants and jump up and down for hours and hours and hours on end!!!! What would you do with all that money? Oh my gosh! My daughter said, she would buy a thousand horses. She also said I could get a new iphone, new car, new wardrobe... And we could build a house with 2 guest houses on the property. One for our friends and one for grandma. I then showed her a picture of this HGTV dream home on Martha's Vineyard. No joke she gasped for air and ran around the living room... Saying Yes mom! I lllloooovvveee that house. It's so beautiful! We can design one just like that... For us!

Ok Powerball its go time... I'm ready to win {wink}! I want to build a house just like this one! What are you dreaming for? 

1 comment:

  1. I thnk many of us have played "what if" I hope that you are lucky enough to win and build this stunning house!


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