Monday, March 2, 2015

before and after {interior design}

Ok... So what do you all think?

With this project I was totally on cloud nine... I had so much fun with this client. No joke from the minute I walked into a meeting with her... I was laughing the entire time! Truth!!! For those of you who know me well... I definitely like a good laugh!!!!   By the end of each meeting we were BFF's.  Oh how I miss my BFF!!! Mary Jane thank you... You're the best!!! 

Now back to this job... Everything except the piano, 2 bookcases and 2 chairs {which I re-structured and had slipcovered} were from my clients own personal collection. I did a "huge" wild card in this room... Actually 2.  Do you know what they are? Hmmmm... I'll let you guess!!! Please let me know... {smile}


{To hire rustic rooster design team... Please contact us at, 760.436.2171}


  1. This is really well done. Wish we could see more......

  2. I'm gonna say the wild cards are the cowhide and the gold mirror. Whatever they are, I think it's ALL beautiful. Wish you were in the Phoenix area. Love your style!


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