Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weeeeee a PARTY!

My really good & longtime friend Laura has opened up another "FABULOUS" store in Cardiff, called Babies by the Sea! Its for little babies & toddlers... Yaaaa! I love it! From the moment you walk in you feel calm & comfortable (Calgon take me away)... Plus, you just want to buy everything in sight! Shhh I almost did (don't tell Sean)! Well, She's having a Grand Opening Party on Saturday from 3 to 7pm. Come check it out! Perfect for the little ones. The Scully's will be first in line for everything (all the games... Etc.) You will have lots of chances to win great prizes from kids lines including Kissey Kissey, Ergo, & BlaBla!
* You can pick up a Grand Opening Flyer at the rustic rooster for more info.


  1. i am so there! can't wait to see you. ps. sorry i haven't stopped by the rooster as mentioned earlier. harper is sick:( xo

  2. Ahhh poor Harper! The cold went around our house too... Thank goodness it's pretty much gone for us! I've saved that piece for you in the back office. Take your time...
    xoxo Alexandra

  3. Hey there, Hi there!
    I just might take the girls down to the opening...sounds like their kind of thing...MISS YOU GUYS TOO...Tell Grandma I said Happy Birthday..
    I love her.


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