Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Sweet Melissa in the office... Made everyone Apple Butter. Oh My Gosh, I think I've died & gone to heaven! Look how she packaged it... Thank you so much! Your creativity is beautiful & greatly appreciated! Hello, that's why your a rooster chick! Thanks!


  1. Awww glad you like it!! Hope it tastes good...I hate to admit I haven't tried it yet! Except for the tastes I snuck while making it (ok I'll be honest, they were entire spoon fulls!) Now post about hose killer lemon bars you made today!!!!

  2. My Lemon Bars are so yummy, but they're so ugly looking. Sorry Lemon Bars... You're just not pretty enough to make it on the rooster BLOG! Ok, I lied... Their all GONE! I can't show them. Maybe next time... I'm making Sprinkles Cupcakes next! Heaven, just Heaven!


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