Monday, October 16, 2017

the classics

Hello blogger friends... I'm back! Well at least for today I am. I know its been a little while, but I'm kind of in a blogging rut. I feel like I have so much to tell you all, but every time I go to write it down I  feel kind of silly for sharing. I'm not sure if I want to share with you all everything, but sometimes I feel like I need to for a good release. Weird I know... But totally the truth on my end. This is supposed to be a design blog right? Not a spill the beans about life blog. Ha Ha Maybe I should turn this blog into a reality design blog therapy session! lol I feel like you're all my friends and would totally understand. Hey, we've all been there... And or are going through the same things! I know all my problems and concerns and build ups are a little thing called, "L I F E". But, on a positive note I got a B-12 shot this morning {love it}, all the doors arrived at my house and they're leveling the floors to lay all the new wood flooring. So excited... Because that means our remodel is almost done! Well,  On a design note here are some pretty classic pictures that will definitely bring a smile to all of your faces... ENJOY! 

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