Monday, August 29, 2016

thank you


Do you ever feel you're presented with gifts in life that are out of your control? Sometimes positive and sometimes negative! So strong that you can't help to see the writing on the wall {it's in your face}!  Whatever these gifts may be... They are lessons that you have a choice to run in a positive or a negative light. This week I had a few gifts presented to me that were so strong that I couldn't help to sit down and re-think a lot of stuff. I know when these life lessons are given to me it's my dad saying, slow down baby girl and turn right. Listen and do not fight the lesson! You need to re-think all of your actions. I have a very strong and absolutely beautiful family.  I can't even imagine what I would do with out them. Their love is so unconditional and supportive that I would truly be lost if they weren't around. When I'm negative they switch me to a positive... When I question things they steer me toward the best decision... When I want to conquer the world they pack my bag and push me forward... If I want to quit they whisper in my ear, it will be OK... You can do this! I heard a few things that sadden me this week. I knew I heard them for a reason! So with that said, I realized I need to kiss my babies more, say I love you to my family, laugh as much as possible, listen unconditionally, help when I can, stay calm and re-think my actions before I speak and share positivity to all... I am beyond grateful for my life and the direction it's headed in. Without my struggles I don't think I would be who I am today... And I don't think I would have grown to where I am growing! This weekend was wonderful with my family. We laughed so hard, we ate way too much {i'm paying the price}, we cried... Told stories that I was covering my eyes in sheer embarrassment... But guess what I would never have traded this weekend for anything! 

I had way too much fun! 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!    

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