Friday, August 5, 2016

east coast adventure {2016}

Traveling truly fills my soul... Especially when you have the best little travel partners ever to share the adventure with! This summer we decided to take a trip back east to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  OMG we sure had an amazing time!

Wheels up! Here we go...

We took a red eye to paradise... 

  ..H E A V E N.. 

Every chance I got I took tons of pictures...  And tried my hardest to get the kids in them as well. It's getting harder and harder as they get older.  

The cousins looked for shells... As I looked for houses. OMG I wanted this home so bad. The story was it was purchased I believed for around 250,000 and then sold at an action for around 450,000. The investment to get her up and running again due to water damage and age would be around 400,000 extra. Hmmm I totally can swing that. Couldn't you see me just standing on the porch calling my littles in for dinner?!?! Done!   

I swear I would love to move... My kids and I talk about it all the time! We love the East Coast so much! No joke we say, We feel at home here! Everything about Massachusetts is perfect {ok except for the winters}

Kayaking became the kids passion as I studied window boxes every chance I got... {obviously Massachusetts isn't in a drought}

There's a local pirate {dive} bar in town that has the best food and drinks ever. Just close one eye and forget that you're sitting on ducktape tape. Maddie's Sail Loft is a must when you go to Marblehead! 

Dogs greated us at garden shops and rocks crushed under our shoes as we walked! 

All the boys cousins rough housed like they were entering the WWF... I prayed and yelled a lot! Just keeping it real {wink}!

We did the Boston Duck Tours! Definitely a fun way to learn about the history of Boston! 
 I would highly recommend it to everyone...

I pushed myself and ran. I shouldn't have because my hip still hurts {totally different blog post about that... ugh}, but missing an opportunity to run with my cousins on the coast in Marblehead wasn't an opportunity that I was going to pass up!

Boats and graveyards for day. I took this water shot hoping to paint it when I got home. 


Seriously how cute is my family... By the end they L O V E D my signature selfies and kept asking for more!  My boy... He's getting so big and so handsome! Crazy! 

We walked secret paths as butterflies chased us to the ocean... The cousins swam till they were physically exhausted. 

 Trying to capture a moment with 16 people was definitely tough... But when I did I knew we would cherish these memories forever! 

With all this said...

Travel as much as you can
Love. Love. Love.
Kiss your children everyday
Smile till your cheeks hurt
Enjoy life
Be kind to all! 

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