Monday, August 22, 2016

1st day...

{5th and 3rd - PEC.2016}

Yes, this happened today... My littles OK not so little anymore went back to school! Ahhhh We have a 5th grade {omg} and a 3rd grader {omg} at Paul Ecke Central! Not going to lie... I  have a handful of emotions right now! 

1.)Yaaaaaaa It's time to celebrate... POP some bubbly, get a mani/pedi... And lesurlie walk around the house in my PJ's!

2.)Grab a bottle of Jack... Pull myself into the fetal position and cry my day away!

... R E A L I T Y ... 

3.)Get a cup of coffee at Starbucks... Ask for an extra shot of espresso and get into my office and work my little tail off!  

I know I'll be ok... Yes, I will pull on my big girl pants and get through the day! Truly I think what's helping me is that they were so excited to see all of their friends and they didn't really need us to help them {got a few rolling eyes}. I could see strength and confidence pouring out of every inch of their body. I know Sean and our confidence has rubbed off on both of them! 1 point for us! 

Happy 1st day parents!  

Which number would you pick today... 
1, 2 or 3

 {4th and 2nd - PEC.2015}

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