Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So I'm in a little bit of a pickle {maybe yes maybe no}... When the rooster closed I moved my office home into my backyard. I had a 12 x 10 shed from home depot built {tuff shed}. Then I had my carpenter work his magic... And transform it into the most adorable little office {see pictures below}... We added french doors, a big side window {for more air circulation and natural light}, put the original rustic rooster exterior shutters on it {had to cut them down}, put the old rooster front counter lights in... Two exterior carriage lights for back yard appeal... The interior has been insulated, drywalled and electricity was wired. No joke it's the cutest thing ever. I'm now in the process of cleaning  out books, shelves, files, drawers, samples and fabric and truly organizing everything... OMG 15 years of stuff has accumulated,  I know it's life... But I want it organized and clean {asap}! I still have a lot to do, but I'm doing it {smile}. So here's my dilemma... I'm going to throw out the 15 year mark again because its all that I have known... I always had my interior design meetings in my back office at the old rooster storefront. No brainer... Meetings were so easy. Now, I don't really have that anymore. Remember my office 1.) is in my backyard and 2.) its a 12 x 10 space.   Not saying my office isn't cute... Its absolutely to die for, but it's just too small and doesn't have a table for meetings. It's me, myself and I in there... With occasional kids sitting at the other computer doing homework or playing games. I'm making my office even better everyday so its very efficient and functional... And I love it, but is it appropriate to have clients over, use my cottage picnic table in my garden? That's cute... When it's not raining and the kids haven't thrown every ball and art project around. Ughhhhhh I'm in a little bit of a pickle... What do you all think? Help!?!?

{If you're interested in rustic rooster interiors design services... Please contact me at info@rusticrooster.com}


  1. I think it would be appropriate! My hair dresser built the same type of little shed for building her own hair dressing salon. To be honest, I love being able to go there ( it's still in renovation), because I know I'm supporting her and I can see how she's building it up from the ground up- more intimate and feels like she really is investing ( not that you cannot do that with a bigger space) in me personally!

  2. So cute... I would say "have the meeting there". It is definitely cute and a reflection of your business. That being said, schedule meetings when kids are in school and have "non-businessy" items in a basket you can close or put under something or in a corner. When the weather is bad and you have to be inside, you want the area to reflect who your are - creative, professional, and fully attentive. Hugs! I miss seeing you!


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