Thursday, January 28, 2016

neutral palette

I'm such a neutral kind of girl. I like things very simple and very calm. I feel that starting with beige, cream and tans... You have room to add pops of color later on in the project. Don't get me wrong I love color... Especially blues, yellows an pops of red... But I love just starting with the basics! I'm in the beginning stages of decorating a living room and dining room right now. So of course when I saw this living room my heart skipped a beat! Ha Ha you all know the direction I'm going towards {wink}... And I love it!     

A home is so personal... I begin by listening to my clients wishes and wants and take tons of notes and pictures. After the meeting I like to transfer all the notes I've written onto the computer to my clients file. Then I have a go to reference for any questions that I might have in the future when I am designing. I feel that's the ticket to success when you listen to what your client wants... I say this all the time, "I'm not living in your home... You are. I want to make you happy!"

So what doe all think of this neutral palette? 

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