Tuesday, November 24, 2015

my job {baker}

OK I've been given the responsibility of baker this year for our family Thanksgiving feast. I'm so excited, but so nervous at the same time. Why couldn't I have been appointed salad maker. That's easy right!?!? lol Well, this is what I'm saying... Bring it on! Bring on the butter, whip cream and all the yummy goodness that comes with baking. I've been scouring pinterest to see what I can make.  I will admit I'm buying a pumpkin pie. Not making that one... But the other ones I'm making myself. I've posted some of the top contenders on my list. What do you think? OMG I'm scared.! Baking is tricky... You make one false move and its over. You're done! Yes, I'm going to say it... Just just hang up your apron and walk away! You don't want your treats too dry... If you don't add real butter or sugar than you get that fake taste! I'm going in positive {wink}. I'm sure you would crack up if you saw me in the kitchen the day before or the morning of... I literally talk to myself and go really slow so I make sure i'm doing everything correctly. Believe me I'v had a few kitchen catastrophes that I do not want to repeat!!!!!! So what are you baking this year? Any fun suggestions? Would love to hear!

gobble gobble

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