Thursday, March 26, 2015

lets make a deal

Since the storefront is closing mom and I have been feeling very generous lately! We wanted to offer a fabulous deal right now... If you order an upholstered or slipcovered good  {chairs, sofas, chaises, sectionals, ottomans... etc.} we will give you 20% off your entire order. No joke!!!! Remember our phone number and email isn't changing... So you can order, pay 50% like normal and then pick up at our back garage like usual. We will inspect and call you when your goods are ready to be picked up. Nothing is changing! Stop by the rooster this week and lets make a deal!
{Taylor English rolled arm sectional - Custom for a Coronado cottage}

 {Hunter wingback chair - Slipcovered, white denim}
{Taylor English rolled arm chair, Slipcovered white denim}

{Taylor English rolled arm chair, Upholstered in customers own material}
 {Taylor English rolled arm chair, Slipcovered white denim - Short skirt}

 {Taylor English rolled arm chair, slipcovered white denim - Short skirt}

Call us, {760} 436.2171... We can chat and walk you through all your fabulous purchasing options!

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