Tuesday, March 10, 2015

it's time...


The time has finally come to let you all in on a decision that we have been discussing for the past few months at the Rustic Rooster. We have decided to close the storefront and to focus exclusively on our interior design services.
My Mom and I have been business partners for 15 years...  And I wouldn't have changed that for the world!  But, now the time has come for mom to retire... She wants to enjoy her grandchildren and do whatever, whenever she pleases! This has been a difficult decision because we started the business together and have enjoyed every step of the way as a team! Our retail store has had an extremely successful run for 15 years, but now that I will be on my own I have decided to focus solely on my interior design.
The Rustic Rooster will still be very much alive... With the design studio, my blog and the furniture re-paint business. John is still available to do his magic on your furniture. E-mail the Rustic Rooster at info@rusticrooster.com for a paint quote.   
You can expect changes to the website soon to include an online store that will sell many of the things that you have come to expect from the store and some fun finds by mom, "during her free time".  Please continue to follow us on Rustic Rooster Facebook, Instagram and Houzz.   I'm not going anywhere...
Yes, this change is huge... But change is a good thing. I'm ok knowing that a new business will be in “my” cute little cottage. It's ok! As my father always said, if you’re frustrated, scared, angry... Or can't find the answers... Go for a run! I know I don't have all the answers... But, who does? Thank goodness I have the most incredible and supportive family that has inspired and encouraged me to continue with this dream without mom. Plus, you might see me running on the coast trying to gather my thoughts! Honk and say HI!!!     
So now that you all know... We are getting ready for a HUGE CLOSEOUT SALE. Stay tuned!!!
We have enjoyed each and every one of you that has come into the Rooster or followed us on social media... Because of all of you we have been so successful for all those years! Thank you so much... Please stop by to say goodbye and learn about the next chapter of the Rustic Rooster!  



  1. Sounds like a well-thought-out decision, but *so* sorry to hear this nonetheless! Our tastes are similar: chinese porcelain, especially blue and white, and especially chinese porcelain lamps, also antique prints, especially birds, oriental rugs, especially blue and red, antique and vintage furniture, all mixed with comfortable upholstery to round it out. And so I had wanted to visit your shop. (I live in Michigan, but my daughter lives in San Diego; I was hoping to make it to your cheerful yellow cottage on my next trip to California.) Glad to know that you, your interior design services, and your blog will still be with us. Best wishes.

    Kris from Ann Arbor

  2. I'm glad I got to see your store while I was down visiting my mom. I'm up in Bellingham Washington now and she's in Solana Beach. I love your blog, & I hope you'll continue to post pictures of your amazing transformations!I love your style, and a lot of my fellow California transplants up here love it too! Even though we're at the tippy top of the West Coast and you're at the bottom, that traditional/classic but beachy look goes just as well up here in the Northwest as it does in SoCal. Blessings on you and your interior design business!

  3. Awww this makes me so sad, yet so very excited for your future!!! This must have been a hard decision, but this is going to be great for you! You are the most talented designer I have ever worked for. I am so happy for you! Much love to you all!!! - Christina :)

  4. Can't wait to see the cottage studio/office!!!!! Also looking forward to the online items. LOVED the rustic rooster!!!!!!


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