Saturday, April 2, 2011

party planning

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I'm planning my little angels 5th birthday party today. I saw this image last night in the blog world & couldn't help but smile! It's so cute, colorful & simple. I want  to do anything & everything for her... But, realize I really need to hold back because she's only 5. It's more the memories that count at this age than the quantity {or going overboard}. Believe me I'm usually the one to go overboard with everything... Christmas cards {that's a dinner & a drink conversation} to gifts to dinner party planning. Now, I'm trying to simplify & relax with a lot! Take things slow & enjoy life... To the fullest!  Thanks to my adorable husband for bringing me back down to earth {wink}! Can't wait to share all about Taylor's little princess party!  

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  1. I love this glass jar with cute cupcake cups! LOVE it, have to steal that idea!


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