Saturday, March 26, 2011

i'm there! you there?

FYI.. I'm making Key Lime Pie! Watch out It's going to be the best pie ever! {just kidding} Hope to see some familiar faces at M.O.M ! Can't wait to eat, shop & have fun!


  1. my pie is going to kick your pie's ass.

  2. Greta, Mine will be warm, freshly baked & have slices of lime on top too... Beat that "b*#@!h"! We will be there at 1. Hope to see you then! lol

  3. Alexandra - sorry couldn't find your email, so I'm commenting... Funny just looked at your profile page to try find it and I'm laughing, we have the exact same favorite movies! Anyway, I just now got your message. Perfect, absolutely no worries! :)

  4. Oh dear, I just commented, but think I deleted it by accident. I believe I had your wonderful key lime pie at Pie Day! I was the one with the little girl in the yellow dress. I love your blog & your shop, too. We have a wonderful table and chair set we bought in the fall. I recently started a blog called 'The Creative Spark'.
    and did a post Monday on Pie Day. We had a great time!


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