Tuesday, September 14, 2010

picture perfect

I can't believe I did it... I Got Taylor the new tortoise shell glasses. I do have to say though they make her look amazing! {remember this post here}! She looks so different in them... Smarter, classic & more mature. OK, I definitely wan't them too! ha ha The color of her hair matches the frames perfectly... She has this classic beauty that's indescribable! Taylor darling... You're picture perfect! I love you so much... Enjoy your new glasses.


  1. taylor looks beautiful in her new glasses!

  2. Very stylish indeed! Little fashion icon in the making! Wouldn't mind a pair myself, thank you very much. And the new slips look fab too! :)

  3. She is beautiful!! I got my new 'work' glasses today, for comp work and I wish I looked that good! Gosh, what a sweetie! xx


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