Monday, September 13, 2010

wake up san diego

I can not get this fabulous place out of my mind, drybar. I was introduced to it by a dear dear friend {Thanks Hil} on facebook... I have battled wavy, stuck in the middle thick hair. It never gets really curly or really straight. I'm stuck in limbo. So I'm constantly straightening my hair on my own or once in a while at a salon. I do get the Japanese Straigtening Treatment, but that doesn't last forever. Wow, 35 dollars for a blow out. Amazing! Everytime you go to a salon they charge you up the ying yang & you still have to tip. So frustrating, especially for me! The moment I saw this company on Facebook... I about died. No joke I wanted to open a franchise up here in San Diego! Great idea. Go check Dry Bar out if you live in Los Angeles... I am so jealous!!! Hopefully I can stop by & have a blow dry done when I'm up in LA.


  1. We were just up in LA visiting family and I saw this place. I was so tempted to stop in. Next time for sure.

  2. Lauren,

    I want one sooooooooo bad! We need one here!


    You are sooooooooooooo lucky! was it pretty? Look at me... Drooling like a fool! lol


  3. omg..i had this on my mind to blog about too..i woudl LURVE to have this in SF!


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