Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st day...

Both of my precious babies are now in pre-school... Thank God they're together! I can't even tell you how comfortable I feel knowing that Taylor is watching over her little brother... Keeping a secret eye on him {my little informant}. Plus, Ryan is more comfortable at school knowing that his big sister Taylor is with him. I do have to say that I have picked one of the best pre-schools in my eyes. Kids By the Sea, thank you very much for making Ryan's 1st day of pre-school so welcoming & super comforting for me!

Taylor is now a dolphin... Yippie!

Ryan's a turtle... The lowest of low. Beginner of the bunch. Hey, we all have to start some where!

Look at them together... Why don't they play like this at home? Do you see Ryan's big scratch on his face. Hmmmm I wonder how he got it... "Taylor"!

Ryan made it through his first day just fine!

* Here's how Ryan did on Monday...

He did pick on one little kid {threw a car at him, twice...Ouch... Sorry Miller!}, ate 1/2 of the new girls lunch {was moved to a different table, sorry Willow... must have been good if Ryan started eating it!}, peed with his clothes on {he has to get naked at home} & let the teachers wipe him {little bit of a challenge at home as well}... Not bad for a 1st day! Lets see how he does today... Cross your fingers he stays on the straight & narrow path! Hey, Tina that wine you brought the teachers... Is perfect for them! Shhhh I think I need it {wink}!


  1. Oh it is that time...:( I miss when my kids were them up while you can! BTW, I am writing an Ebook! I am so super excited about this! Fill you in later! Stop by and look at my client's home! It is a gorgeous home! Hugs, Meme

  2. Happy, Happy 1st day! My preschoolers started today too!


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