Thursday, July 29, 2010

i'm going to let you in on 2 things...

1.) I'm in love with these tortoise shell glasses for Taylor... ! Are you ready for this, the eye glass store {kinderspecs, Encinitas} that I go to for Taylor let us take them out on loan. Hello... How nice is that! Thanks Linda! Every time I walk in to get something fixed on Taylor's glasses I always walk over & drool at them. Then I have Taylor try them on. She looks like a little crewcuts j.crew kid. What do you think? Do you think I should get them for her... As a back up pair? {wink} Daddy says, NO... Mommy says, YES... What do you say?

Nice face Taylor... I tried & tried to get her to give me a good shot for you all. It's like pulling teeth at this age {4 years old} for a cute shot!

2.) I'm getting our sofa re-slip covered right now. I can't even tell you how excited I am... I need some fresh new things around our house. I'm going through a few changes... Within myself & the rooster {all positives} that I felt that my home needed a little TLC. You have to do that once in a while or you get bored & tired with everything. So I had a few new pillows made... Now, it's just the waiting game for the new slip cover to arrive. The natural upholstered denim is on it right now. I'm going for 58" Wash Bull denim, white white! Yes! Some people think I'm crazy, but to be honest with you I'm a "genius". I have 2 kids under the age of 4. Hello... It's called BLEACH!!! I couldn't bleach my old slip covers so they looked very sad & yucky {so many spilled milk stains}. When It arrives I will show you all. Then I'm on to new carpet & counter tops. Can't wait!!!
:: I love change... It's a good thing! ::


  1. love love love those glasses. not only are the clasics, they suit her perfectly!!! i say get em', but i also know how much they cost....we love kinderspecs too!!!!

  2. she looks super, super, super adorable, but she's Taylor, so of course she looks cute in anything! i was going to say get them - until you said they were pricey - i think you should wait till they go on sale - if such a thing exist! love your pillows & and you know i love a while slipcover! thanks for the Thyme on the Ranch link.

  3. love your new pillows! and I say yes to the glasses - adorable!

  4. Love the glasses. Why does dad say no?

  5. love the glasses!!! I am actually looking for white denim to do slips for my living room for the exact same reason (dog and baby). Where did you find your bull denim and what ounce weight is it? I'm trying to find the right weight and price to buy the yardage this week. Thanks for your help! Love your blog!!!

  6. Let that cute girl keep those glasses, your husband loses. They are too cute and it's hard enough to be that little having to wear them, at least let them be special and fun!

  7. your daughter is a-dorable.

    i raised 3 boys with white slipcovers b/c i could wash them! makes sense to me.


  8. ohhh me likey the glasses...can I have them too?

  9. Taylor is adorable as are those glasses on her! I say keep them especially if she feels good in them unless they are crazy break the bank expensive.

    I have white slipcovers, a toddler boy and cats and I love the fact they are easy to bleach clean but hate wrestling the beasts back on the cushions (I'm referring to the slipcovers as beasts, not any family members or pets :-)


  10. please keep those glasses! they are precious on her. let's get together soon! xo

  11. OK OK OK... I've made up my mind :)... Mommy & Taylor WIN! LOL Thanks for all the kind words! I'm going to get the glasses done today! yaaaa

    Alicia, they’re discontinued frames & are a really good price {sale} right now! You so think like me!!!

    Anonymous... I sell the 58" Wash Bull Denim at my store... Call me {760} 436.2171 or stop by if your local! We can ship to you... :)

    White denim you ROCK!


  12. Love the glasses! I am in love with your room. Can you take more pics and post on the blog?


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