Wednesday, July 21, 2010

good morning little ones {mommies}

Good morning mommies... I have a little secret to tell you!

Go & get Little Blends yogurt... You will be very happy! My little ones LOVE this yogurt. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Horizon! I feel great knowing that they're getting veggies in the morning... Secretly! My son resisted for a little while, but I refused to feed him anything else. Once I walked out of the room & 1/2 an hour later he realized mommy was serious... So I had better eat up! {I'm not a short order cook... & my kids know that. Don't mess with mom!} He sat & ate the entire thing & loved it! Who's number 1... ? Ahhh ya I am! Sorry, I got a little carried away. ha ha ha

No joke... This yogurt is amazing. Go & get it! We just got, banana with sweet potatoes & Strawberry with carrots! Yummy!


  1. I'm going to totally try this! Anything to get extra veggies in their little systems:)

  2. Great tip!!
    I will be sure and get this next trip to the store.

  3. It's so good! Your kids will love it...


  4. darn i was JUST at the grocery store! i need to get some. thanks for the tip wonder mom!

  5. I have got one foot out the door now. On my way to pick up this yogurt. Thanks!

  6. Okay were did you get this? I was hoping TJ's but it wasn't there...


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