Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bink... i think i'm your boo

When you meet someone special... You hold on to them tight {you're never leaving me}! I have been very lucky to meet a very talented & creative mom/business owner... Her name is Bianca from Bink & Boo {check out her blog & website}. She really sealed the deal for me when she handed me her business card that had a bunting flag wrapped around it. I almost passed out with excitement because 1.) She made it all by hand 2.) I have never had bunting flags {poor poor me} & 3.) It was perfect!

So Bianca... I think I'm your Boo {giggle}


  1. i just may have to fight you for bianca! she's the BEST!

  2. Isn't she the BEST... Lets go to comedy night in La Jolla with her. I wonder if she even knows we're making plans for her... LOL! Hey Grace your not so bad yourself!!! Love you! Need to find out how today went {wink wink}


  3. Oh my gosh you are AWESOME (said like DJ Lance Rob - yo gabba gabba). What a wonderful post to wake up to. You're not so bad yourself.


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