Sunday, July 25, 2010

{1} i kind of like {love} your blog!

When I wake up in the morning I grab my coffee {that's a 1st MUST} & then jump on the computer to see what Jennifer from Style Your Life Blog is whipping up in the clothing department. I'm pretty basic & simple with my clothes... So if I try & add something super trendy into my wardrobe I look like I I'm dressing up for Halloween or a bad prom night experience. Ya not going to happen with me. {insert huge rolling laugh} Other people can do it & look great! Lucky! I always feel Jennifer's picks are so beautiful, classic, simple & super real... not forced! Shhhh she's talking only to ME... Alexandra try this... You will look amazing in this... This is so you... Do it, just do it... Spend your money & you will love it all! LOL Good subliminals Jennifer... I want everything that she posts! Now, I just need that lipo & I really can fit into EVERYTHING!

Jennifer lives in San Diego who frequents the rooster... Thanks! I met her the other day & she's ADORABLE! Of course her outfit was perfect {i wanted it}... Jennifer I Hope to see you again & so loved chatting with you! Keep up the awesome BLOG that you write just for ME... Just kidding!

I do recommend you all go & look at her BLOG she can help you get dressed in the morning. Yes, one less thing to think about... {wink}

Here are a few of her outfits that she put together... I want each & everything!

I'm so happy that I've met you in person & LOVE your blog... Great Job!

A+ review from the rustic rooster!


  1. I love Jennifer's blog too! She has a great sense of style and it is PERFECT for young moms who still want to look put together and haven't given up!

  2. AWWW!!! Thanks sooo much, I have been so crazed I am behind on my blog reading! I just saw this. You keep up the good work too :) I am a RR fan as well.


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