Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ring ring ring

Hello it's Contractor John... Good Morning John, It's your favorite Interior Designer, Alexandra! What's up Alex! Can you make me something? Sure... What? I would LOVE this work table. I was blog stalking & stumbled upon it. Isn't it perfect to get organized with & still use functionally! I really like this table... Please! When can you do it by? Alex, I can make it for you by tomorrow... Ahhh thanks {sure, ya right} John! Hello, where's my train table John!!!! ha ha ha

I was BLOG stalking the other night & I stumbled upon this fabulous work table that someone used in a craft room. Nice! I'm so so sorry that I didn't write down who it was from {it was late night}... If anyone knows please let me know so I can give them credit!

I believe that the color is original... I will try & replicate the exact color & stained top too. You just gotta love old school colors. I do! I know Painter John will be able to make this look pretty once I have it made. Stay tuned!

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