Saturday, March 27, 2010

picture perfect

Finding these fabulous babies have made my life more complete... I can't tell you the joy I get from staring at them when I walk into my home. They're picture perfect in my eyes. Oh look, they have bamboo frames too... hmmm how funny is that! My love for bamboo is very very strong... I like how Kelley over at Polished Pebble said it, "Makes my heart go pitty pat like a new boyfriend!" So true Kelley... So true!


  1. Alexandra!! Where did you find those....? I have high blood pressure right now!

    xx kelley

  2. Kelley,

    I found them about 6 years ago when I designed a retail store in Cardiff. The no longer make the red sea fans anymore. That was a sad day for my clients {shhhh happy for me because I got these}. I'm actually getting in the classic sea fans with the brown bamboo frames & ivory linen backs for the rooster. Gorgeous! I love them!!!!!



  3. LOVE those! Bamboo and something from the sea. Doesn't get any better than that.

  4. Hi,
    I have some japanese art to frame and I am desesparately looking for those bamboo frame. Any addresses ? Thank you so much.


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