Monday, March 8, 2010

OK I have a secret crush...

Don't look at me like that... You know you sit at home dreaming & fantasizing over some one special. I know you do!!!! You all do! You have that book, drawer, old shoe box or closet filled with his or her stuff {pictures}! Sean so knows all the names on my list... He's so fine with it. Actually he just laughs at me & wonders what pill I took today {just kidding} or what planet I'm on. Plus, he says, He would LOVE to see me run into my crush... {I would too}

Ryan Reynolds is on my LIST! I have a secrete crush on him! He's funny, smart, talented, handsome, pretty, cute, popular, & so so witty... We would be a perfect match. I love you Ryan!

I'm in the book Ryan, 760.436.2171 or

you can stop by:

930 South Coast Highway 101

Encinitas, Ca 92024

{I would probably fall over & die if he called me or stopped by the rooster}


  1. Hahahaha...He is a doll!...I have many...One of my newsest ones....I love Bradley Cooper!!!!...:) Shhh! Mr. Screaming Meme doesn't know...Or he might...hahaha

  2. i've always loved him too. he is so dreamy! hahahaah

  3. Hahahah! So funny...I love him too! I fell for him way back when he had a tv show (something like Two guys and a girl)?? Is that it? Such a hottie!

  4. I love him too! I actually met him in a bar about 7 years ago and he is just as dreamy and cool in person :) He still tops my list!


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