Friday, March 26, 2010

hard core

I have to say I found an amazing little find at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. You guessed it a kids belt. I was drawn to it because of its buckle & leather color. So I grabbed it so fast for Little man Ryan... Then I I realized it said, COORS all around it. Hmmm made me think a little & then I realized I wanted it! I though it would be pretty funny for Ryan to wear a Coors belt. Please don't think that I'm promoting drinking for my kids or any other kids. Oh believe me he wont be touching a beer bottle anytime soon... The only bottle he can touch is a milk bottle! Don't you just LOVE this belt? He looks so cute in it. Plus, I think the pants {gap kids Carlsbad outlets} help with the cuteness!


  1. ha! i love it alex! so glad it fits him. i was laughing so hard when you picked that up for him. but it's beyond cute! i need one for harper

  2. Love it! Cheers Ryan with a BIG cold glass of Milk! xo


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