Saturday, February 6, 2010

tell all

OK so I'm going to pull an Oprah moment on you & tell all {be real}... Hey we only live once lets be truthful & honest while we're here. I'm very open like that! well, here I go... I got the boots. I've been reading the fashion magazines, watching TV {best I can} & have seen all the girls wear skinny jeans & tall boots on the streets... I envy them so much. So last week I got an e-blast from J-Crew {my favorite store} saying HUGE sale, extra 30% off sale price, plus free shipping . Well, I did It, I bought these boots:

Aren't they beautiful. I didn't want to take them off yesterday evening. I was so frustrated because I didn't have the right jeans for them. I wanted to see everything perfectly together. But, here's the real truth... I'm so nervous because I'm not super skinny. I have curves yes on the back side especially. My thighs have never been apart I feel since the day I was born. I have tried to separate them but they have such a bond {sisterly love}. Hmmm what's a girl to do. So now I need to get some skinny jeans like these:

But, here's another thing...
In order for me to really look good & get into these jeans I need to train for a 1/2 marathon so I can lose the weight. I've been running & trying to eat right... So far it's been good, but I know I need to really train. My weight usually just falls off. I can do it! Do I want the jeans & boots bad.... I can do it! I ran a marathon once {SD Rock & Roll} & vowed never to do that again {shhh I should have trained harder}. I kicked butt & ran the 1/2 so easy & well. That was a breeze for me. I think I can do it again. Here's my fear I have 2 kids now, married & run my own business. Do you think I can juggle all that & train? I want to say yes, but am scared to sound like a flake... What would you all do?
I need to fit in the Skinny jeans & look good... Not smooch & squeeze myself in them & then cover up with a long sweater...etc.. I need to go all the way & look good. I can do this! I can! Yes!
What's your advice?
Have you ever done something like this...
I know I'm not alone!
Tell all!


  1. I love your blog! I'm a 40ish mother of 2 that also bought the boots and skinny jeans this season! I'm not fat but definitely have curves! Best skinny jeans are rich and skinny (found at Nordstroms) but the waist can be a little big, so if your tiny in the waist not sure...also skinny jeans at Banana Republic are great!
    I also read your blog about the magic bullet and I've had one for 5 years. My kids LOVE a cup of milk or vanilla soy milk, a thing of vanilla yogurt and a banana to make a shake! I add the above, a splash of o.j.,a bunch of fresh baby spinach leaves and a couple handfuls of frozen blueberries in mine. Keep writing, I love it!

  2. Ok, this is what I think. I am actually about to do my first half next weekend! I have not lost 1 lb. In fact, I gained about 5! I know it's all muscle because my clothes have fit a little better since then.

    But When I decide I need to lose 5 pounds fast I start spinning. The spin classes I take at my gym are awesome and you can burn up to 800 calories in a 1 hour class if you give it your all. I also am a HUGE sweets (mainly warm chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk) freak. I have to have something sweet after every meal. So I try to cut almost all sweet and almost all alcohol and eat only when I'm really hungry. If I get bored and not really hungry, I chug a glass of water or lemonade to hold me over about 30 more minutes.

    I think you could totally do it though! You do not look very curvy in your profile pic, you look great! It is very empowering though, to achieve something like that when you set your mind to it. Hopefully I'll be able to finish my 1/2 marathon even though I'm having really REALLY bad shin splints.
    Sorry for the novel :) And love your blog!!

  3. ohh I think you would look adorable in skinnies and boots...
    just the way you are....
    AND I do think you should so totally run...use your baby jogger...
    it would be fun for you and Ryan...
    AND I do think you take on waaaay too much...but who doesn't...
    i has sooo many fun things to offer it's hard to say no...
    I say yes to EVERYTHING...some times it works out some times it doesn't...but tha'ts ok....

  4. one word:

  5. Elaine... Yaa how exciting your first 1/2! That's awesome! Good luck! I so understand about not losing any weight & actually gaining. That happened to me on my 1st marathon. I think I took advantage with the fact that I was running... Oh, I can eat that I'm going to run tomorrow am. This time I hope I will do it differently! I say that now but when that piece of cake is sitting in front of me I might change my mind. Good times! You will do just awesome on your run with shin splints... You get a high that day that the pain some how goes away. Then after the race is when you fall over & die. Good luck! I will think of you! :)

    Kate... Yes, I have heard of Pure Barre. I would love to try it. Melissa in my office is going to try it... We have heard really good things about it. I’ll let you know when I do it. Thanks for the tip!!!!!

    Tina... You are too sweet!!! Thank you... & YES YES YES! Can't wait to play Monday with the girls! Let’s have a tea party in the park! Ohhh Laaaa Laaaa in our skinny jeans! LOL

    Thanks for the magic bullet recipes {can't wait to try it!}... YUMMY! I also love Banana Republic Skinny’s. I have the Capri skinny’s & love them!



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