Monday, October 12, 2009

OH to be a better (creative) mom!

I've just started reading this blog called Jack and Izzy... It's adorable! She's a full time mother who is extremely talented. So creative! Well, this morning on my daily BLOG reads she posted this... I want it ALL! Of course I strolled through her Etsy site right after I read her post... This is what was going through my mind... I'll take that, & that... Oh, I like that too! I bet you would say the same thing! You shall see what I will order! But back to the lunch pail... I do try & try to surprise Taylor with different things... notes, lunch pails & even creative food choices, but this just seems to darn cute for me... ribbon, notes & ALL!

1.) I want (would like) the pink plastic lunch box (I need to e-mail her on that one!)
2.) I need (should) to take a trip over to Party City to pick up some creative napkins... etc. to go inside the lunch pail.
3.) Order the note cards with Taylor's name on them to put inside.
4.) Get wax paper & cute ribbon to wrap her food up in.

Ahhh too be a better (creative) mom... I do try!
Love you Taylor & Ryan... Mommy will do anything for the two of you! Even make your lunches pretty! Hello, I'm an interior Designer... I love to get creative!!! LOL


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  1. cute! I use pop-up white wax paper (Smart and Final) to set the sandwich on, wrap it up, and place that inside a brown wax paper bags from Sea Side, (very old-school)and put a seasonal sticker on to seal the bag. The white wax paper acts as a "plate" of sorts, so that they don't set their sandwich on the table (germy!!).


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