Thursday, October 8, 2009

Secret Crush... Forever!

Let me set the mood for you...
It was a sunny Wednesday morning... I was driving with Melissa in my car, Wind was blowing in our hair, the sun was shinning brightly on our faces, our favorite song was on the radio & then it happened... I saw her (that's what I'm going to call the house, Her)! I couldn't talk, my body went completely numb... Thank goodness Melissa was there to save me... She threw water in my face, slapped me a few times & then yelled in my face what, what, what's wrong with you! When my body finally got warm again & I could feel my body coming back to life... I pointed. Melissa became speechless too! You should have seen the two of us in the car... We were like old lovers that had just reunited... sitting in silence. Our car was glowing with happiness!

OK you want the real story...
Melissa & I were driving to meet a potential new client & arrived a little early so we decided to cruise the neighborhood & house stalk. We were driving down this one street in the neighborhood & I saw Her... I tore this house out of a magazine because I loved the layout, look, style... everything! Great concept photo... That's what I do all the time so I can always reference & have a visual for my clients. We noticed that it was empty... Looked at our watches and said, Why not we only live once... We got out of the car and started walking, stalking, looking and peeking... Ahhh the feeling was so exciting! Then the golf cart came up to the front of the house... I thought I was going to jail (to let you know I have never been arrested) but, for this house I was like cuff me now. Ends up it was the neighbor from down the street... He was so nice and funny! Asked us if we were buying it... Sure I said, By the way how much is it... Then he said it:

Yaaaaaa not really in my budget. I just giggled & said, "well, I need to design a few more houses before I can get this one." One day! Think positive & it will happen! Make it happen... You can get & do anything you put your mind to (That's the way I think!)

:: exterior ::
Love the mixture of stones & siding on the house...
:: exterior ::
I'm walking to my dream house... Nice pattern!
See clients... Look how GORGEOUS a BLACK front door is!
I'm getting closer... I think that blurred sun dot on my photo is an angel trying to get me in the house... She felt my happiness!
Perfect shutters... & that sage green color is to die for! Great accent color for the front! Subtle but makes a POP!

Love the wood siding in white... Classic!

Guess what this is... Yes you guessed it the guest house! Hello it's bigger than my house and gorgeous! When have you seen a guest house on the front of the property in San Diego... Hmmm never! Do it! I approve this one.... I would have inside pictures but that's when the golf cart drove up and we started running and jumping fences... Just kidding I just felt silly taking any more pictures with him in front of us... Plus our meeting was starting!

:: exterior guest house ::

Hopefully, I will see this house again...
Hugs & kisses!
You're my secret crush


  1. Oh my gosh...isn't it incredible? This is my parents neighborhood! Are you doing work there now? What a small world!

  2. If the police coming knocking on my door - I'm blaming this post! : )


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