Monday, October 26, 2009

The Love letter

Dear my Love...
Why do I love you so much... Is it your picket fence, red door, white siding, black shutters... What is it? I need to know! You keep me up all night dreaming of having you... I love everything that you stand for! You keep my soul alive! When I look into your windows you bring me hope & happiness. I feel at home when I'm near you. It's a warmth that I need! I don't get it from anyone else... Do I love you because no one has you, are you perfect inside? Can I please come inside & visit for just a little bit? I bet you have gorgeous floors, kids running around & laughing, a log fire burning & mom & dad are cuddling on the couch. So much love! I really need to know more about you... Your making me crazy! Please call me... I will listen!

Your Favorite
Interior Designer

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