Saturday, May 9, 2009

Memories of the Coop . . .

Today is a day of memories and looking back for me . . . I have had a lot of people come in to the rooster and ask about our kids section . . .

- Do you still have it?
- Where is it?
- Can I still get kids furniture from you?

- Can I order Kids furniture?
- I want to customize a kids bed . . . Can I ?
- Ahhh . . . I loved the Chicken Coop!
- The chicken coop was too adorable & perfect!
- Why, Why, Why . . . Why!

The answer is YES you can always still get kids furniture from us. All of our furniture can go in a kids room (of course not a dining/kitchen table or a coffee table). That was also a problem . . . People thought that the Coop was only for kids. Nope not at all. We had dressers, armories, desks and even nightstands that would look good in any part of a house. Sorry, we didn't explain ourselves correctly! Next time we will be better . . .

I design my infant/toddler/children's rooms for my clients so that the child can grow with the room. Buying furniture every few months or even every few years can get pretty pricey and not everyone can afford that so be smart and use a dresser that will grow with your child . . . Etc. Yes, of course you need a crib but, all of your other furniture doesn't have to be baby baby. I bet you can tell I'm not a huge fan of Babies 'r' us . . . etc. That was also the point of the Coop . . . Getting people to be practical with kids furniture, but still have fun with it!

Vintage armoire/cabinet . . . used as a kids closet.

Vintage Cabinet . . . Used as a changing table.

I wanted everyone to see a picture of the coop before we said good bye to it. Too cute! It was set up pretty well . . . I say so myself! (I did it . . . Hee Hee!)

For those of you who don't know why we closed the coop . . .

- I was pregnant with my second child and extremely sick. I wish I could say I was just a little nauseous but, I can't stop throwing up (Thank God for Zofran!) when I'm pregnant. Not doing that again . . . ! I wasn't dedicated to the Coop . . . I was so tired and done!

- Plus, the rustic rooster Interior Design department was taking off and really expanding and we needed the space for more fabric, design materials, project table (to work on) and a place to meet with the clients so that was the perfect space and it was the perfect time.

I have a feeling it will be back . . .
Stay tuned for the
Chicken Coop!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! You have GOT to bring that back!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE it! I can't stop thinking about your office. Always down to help you in the office space if you need an extra hand!!!! hehe Im gonna make one of those totes this weekend, so I'll bring it by for you to see soon. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

  2. That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of Kid Desk .


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