Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grow Garden . . . Grow

I found this little cottage off of Simply Seleta . . . Thank you! I'm so happy someone else loves garden cottages just like me. The climbing rose is breath taking! Ahhhh yes to daydream about little cottages. A million things are running through my head right now. I could work, play, relax or hide guests in it. So many options! I need to show mom this because she's planning on building a little shed for the kids, storage and office in her backyard. Hello mom I would move out of our place to live in that (by myself . . . )! I do think though . . . you could have the most ugly or fragile cottage, but if your garden is blooming then nothing would matter. So true! Clean up your surroundings and plant plant plant . . . Gorgeous darling!


  1. How beautiful a place. I could stay in there all day.I think your mom would love it. You will have to show which one your mom picks.

  2. I Will post pictures . . . I can't wait either to see what she picks!! Hurry up mom . . . Your killing us. Hee hee
    XOXO, Alexandra


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