Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dinner with the family . . . Yummie!

Last night we went out with the family for an amazing dinner . . . at When in Rome. The food, drinks, company and night were absolutely perfect! I felt kind of funny because I kept taking pictures with my new camera . . . But, look at these amazing shots I got! Makes you want to go to When in Rome and EAT with your family! Hee hee Not bad for an amature photographer! Yes, I know I need to take a class, but I'm having so much fun . . .

The love of my life . . . Mr. Sean Thomas Scully!

Grandma and Taylor in a deep conversation . . . about Legoland!

Sean had a little hard time taking a mother daughter shot . . . Look at Taylor's lips, she put lipstick on all by herself! Wow

Sean's trying to focus and keep a conversation while I was taking this shot.

Grandma (Great Grandma, GIGI) . . . Need I say more! Shes gorgeous at 96!

Taylor loves wearing my pashmina like this . . .
She does this all by herself too! Little fashion diva.

Me and my father had so much fun laughing together last night. If you haven't met my dad, you need to know that he thinks he's hysterical (cracks himself up . . . even with tears too!) but every time he tells a joke or a one liner (which is all the time) it gets lost in translation. He's German. But I love him!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. what a lovely family! and your dad have more in common than i thought, LOL!
    i have been wondering about when in rome. thanks for the review!


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