Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My little Angels 3rd Birthday . . .

Today was my precious little ones 3rd birthday. I can't believe Taylor Michelle Scully is already 3 years old . . . I feel like I just found out I was pregnant. WOW! I know you think your child is the best, prettiest and smartest child ever . . . but Taylor really is. All I want to do is eat her up! She's getting so tall and beautiful. When I dropped her off at pre-school today the teachers still can't believe Taylor's only 3 years old. Her knowledge and strength always fool them. That's my girl. Keeping everyone alert!!!

My two PERFECT Baby Showers with my friends and family!

She's Here!!!

Taylor Michelle Scully

March 24, 2006

My father, Nick Sr. or as Taylor calls him Papa, holding Taylor . . .

Brother Nick Jr. holding Taylor with my mom.
Such a proud brother . . .

The Scully family when we were a team of 3 . . .

She was so young here! I love it when she cuddles with me or when she laughs and looks at me with her big blue eyes. So many beautiful memories!!!

Taylor and Sean . . . I love this picture. Look how happy Sean is. I remember this day very well. She was so comfortable and at ease with her daddy. Father daughter bond . . .

Taylor's really the godfather (mother) . . . Don't mess with her!

She's trying to hold 3 fingers up . . . Ha ha ha

My precious 3 year old girl on her 3rd birthday at her pre-school! She's wearing her bling, bling 3rd birthday t-shirt. I ordered that months in advance for her . . . So cute!!!

Sorry, for dragging on . . . But my family is very special to me. They comes first over everything . . . yes, even work! I make it very clear with my clients that I will drop everything for them. They completely understand. That's the clients you want . . . Understanding ones!

I would do ANYTHING for my family!!!! Our bond is so strong no one could break it!


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  1. sniff, sniff......they grow up so fast. treasure every moment. happy birthday, birthday girl!


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