Monday, March 16, 2009

Fresh Kitchens

Don't you just love this kitchen! It feels so fresh and clean to me. It's not too big or too small. If you have your perfect kitchen triangle and wonderful storage you don't really need a big kitchen to cook in or entertain in at all. Just open it up by removing extra cabinets that are hanging in the way. Take cabinet doors off, add some new lights and paint your cabinets white. You will notice a huge difference in your kitchen the moment you do just that. A few easy steps and you can have this fresh kitchen . . . !!!

Here's another fabulous kitchen. It's actually a kitchen in a guest house. I would so put this in my main house. Look at that farm house sink . . . You can put so much in those single basin sinks. I did that sink so I could bath my two kids in it with ease. The best decision I made . . . Besides marrying my husband, Sean! The bamboo shades are a perfect natural accent in the room. This is another fresh kitchen!

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  1. alex-
    thanks so much for getting our postcards out to parents!
    with or without a pie, we hope you and the family can come by the shop saturday.
    i've put your blog in the "local friends" section of our blog.
    thanks again.


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