Monday, March 23, 2009

Delivers Excellence . . .

My dear close friend Adrianne Smith . . . She's actually a big sister to me (a sister I never had) . . . Is the most AMAZING, TALENTED and BRILLIANT floral designer! I'm not just saying that because we have shared an office for over 7 plus years . . . She's really good!

Every wedding, party, holiday and corporate event . . . Is designed exactly to the client's wishes and wants. She doesn't have any package deals at all. Everything is created to and for you only! You really don't find that many talented florist now a days . . . But Adrianne really listens and understands her clients. The moment you book with her you never have to worry about her follow through or the finished product. Plus, her staff is fun, energetic and super helpful to her. Adrianne's jobs are completed very professionally.

I can't tell you how many compliments I get from her work. My clients love it when I give them an arrangement. All I do is describe my client, the room it's going in and WA LA . . . A masterpiece is created.

I had Adrianne do my wedding . . . Mine was very simple but, it turned out so elegant because of her suggestions. Exactly what I dreamed of. Plus, she did both of my baby showers. Forget the food or location . . . It was all about the flowers! Thanks A!!!!

In a few of these shots she used blue and white Asian pottery from my store, rustic rooster interiors. I just love the classic seaside look with these pots . . . Perfect for a coastal wedding!

Don't wait . . . Check out her website (www. and book something special with her:

* Surprise birthday party for your husband, wife, mother . . .

* Your daughters or sons wedding

* Your son in laws wife's baby shower

The list is endless!

Hurry SAVE YOUR DATE with Adrianne Smith Floral Design

Some of the Photographs are by, Jennifer Dery


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