Wednesday, April 21, 2021

wednesday wish


Did you know I would l o v e to open up a bakeshop/specialty store? Yes, I 100% would! I've always loved going to places like that with charm and character. Walking into something that has been created just for the space with love always captivates me... Those are the store I really enjoy supporting! So why not add one more thing to my list of to-dos & open one!  Who knows, maybe one day... 

I've heard so much about this little adorable bakeshop, Sugar, that I'm craving a trip to South Carolina stat to go to it! Who's with me? Seriously if you could would you jump on a plane and head to Charleston just to get cupcakes, cookies... and anything else in the case? I totally would! I've had Charleston on my mind lately... So why not! Well, If I go I'll let you all know! 

Have you been... If so tell me all about it! It looks absolutely adorable!   

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