Tuesday, April 20, 2021

exterior love

I can't stop looking at this exterior... It's just so sweet! Definitely simple and overall just perfect in my eyes!  I love how everything is pulled together so nicely. Now a days I've noticed so many houses with so much going on I can't handle it. I understand what some of the architects and designers are trying to do... But truly to get your point across just coordinate & make it simple. Just simply simple is my new thing!  

Here are 3  things to do to get your exterior pulled together...

1.) Remove a l l dead/overgrown bushes, plants and trees. {make your home visual}
2.) Throw away all extra pots and garden accessories that are random, do not coordinate together & are broken/cracked. 
{it's time to say good bye to the orchid you thought you could bring back to life & placed it in the front yard}. 

3.) Give your home a fresh new paint job! 
{love the vintage look, but when the paints starting to chip away... its time to refresh}

Little changes to your home make a big difference... Try it! 


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