Monday, December 28, 2020

last monday {2020}

It’s the last Monday of 2020... WOW, I have so many thoughts going through my head. What’s 2021 going to be like? Better or worse?  I do know one thing... It’s going to be a year of regrowth for me & I believe for a lot of other people as well! In business, family, friends... & in life! 

I feel that if we sit in one place for too long we will never grow... We will never change. Change truly is a good thing. 

•If it means getting healthier... Do it! 

•If it means calling that loved one... Do it! 

•If it means changing a career... Do it! 

•If it means taking a trip alone... Do It! 

•If it means saying goodbye to toxic people in your life... Do it! 

•If it means accomplishing something you’re scared of... Do it! 

•If it means cleaning up your home... Do it! 

We’re all scared of the unknown... But one lesson in 2021 someone very special to me taught me is... Why not try! What do you have to lose? You live once go forward & make it happen. You are stronger than you know!  Watch & see yourself grown from the smallest action. Do it for you & no one else. 

•Face the fear... Do it! 

So on this Monday, 12.28.20 I’m going to sit & reflect. Write down a few things I want to do in 2021 that scare me... 

Remember this journey is for you... & only you! Do it! 

What scares you... Share if you would like! 


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