Monday, March 9, 2020

introducing {h e l l o}

h e l l o...   Miss Molly Malone

For those of you who don't know... I was blessed with lovely allergies to cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs and bunnies... Actually I'm pretty much blessed with every outdoor allergy known to man kind. Yup... Dust too! You think it, I just might sneeze it. I think I've pretty much made Claritin and Sudafed rich with my little problem. lol If someone told me to drink a milkshake and stand on your head I would have done just that to get rid of my allergies. So when I tell you this... You might definitely think I've lost  my marbles. I grew up with 3 dogs, 2 cats, bunnies... and yes mice.  They were all outdoor animals and I loved them all!

It was hard growing up with them because all I wanted to do was play with each and every one of them. Unfortunately, my kind of playing was a little more touch and go and lets run outside in the grass... Just don't get too close. But we did play and have fun! My dogs knew they couldn't roam the house at all and my cats just chilled outside. No one made it a big deal that they were outside animals. Truth they really loved it!  Every morning my cats left us presents on the back porch... Dead birds, tailless lizards to even yummy fur ball throw up. So sweet! I'm sorry but, who doesn't want that every day!  So when I had kids I had this dream that we would get a dog and it would be outside and do all the same things my dogs did... Play and be dogs! Well, I never got them a dog... Until now! I saw this lady walking a golden doodle and fell in love! I asked her a million questions, got her number and then scheduled a play date. Had to see if I was going to react to this breed. Nope so far so good, I was in the clear!
After discussing all this heavily with my mom I new we needed to go forward with getting a dog from this breeder. Not going to lie I was still very hesitant because I like a clean house, I don't like dogs in bedrooms or on furniture at all {still don't}... Plus, I get up and go all the time. So this was a huge decision to make. Bottom line I was scared. I knew I needed to just do it and not look back. My kids will love it and in the later years my mom will have a companion as well. So everyone was winning. We did it!

For all of you on the fence, go look at   Sunnyside Goldens {here} Oh My Gosh! The most adorable family, breeder, dogs... Everything! I could sit and tell you a million horror stories of breeders that I went to and No Joke called my brother to let him know where we were and if we die he knows where to get us. So bad and beyond gross! Not knowing the dog world I thought all breeders must be just weird and super dirty... Then I saw Larisa's website. Her  style, taste, family and presentation of these puppies are absolutely fabulous! Maybe its the interior designer in me, but she's nailed this part of the business. Then to add to her cute business her instagram is i n s a n e l y amazing. Go  follow here at @sunnysidegoldens {here} Everyday you follow her to pick out your dog and then you watch them grow. We were in love. So if you want a Golden Doodle or a Burmese Doodle or a Golden Retrever go get one from her. 

Our little Molly is so socialized, fun, sweet, semi potty trained and even semi crate trained. In a packet Larisa gives you when you get the dog she has everything explained {to a T}... To even introduce the dog to 50+ people a week. Well, Miss Molly is getting so much attention and loves it. The only thing she wants to do that she can't do just yet is go in bushes, dirt and play with other dogs. Soon she will! I'll Keep you posted on our new little family member, Miss Molly Malone!

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