Friday, December 13, 2019

big plans

{all picture from rustic rooster pinterest... here}

Any big plans this weekend? I sure do! Friday, were decorating gingerbread houses with the cousins... Always a huge mess, but defiantly a memory maker! I think last year, I used a hot glue gun & burned my finger. Good times... But that didn't stop us {me}. Our houses turned out fabulous. This year I bought pre made ones from Sprouts. I'm hoping they're   still together when I open the boxes up. Keep you posted. On Saturday, we're going to Ryan's first pre-season rugby game. Always an adventure. His season hasn't started yet, but they're prepping the kids & seeing what level skills they're at. It's always exciting to watch.  Sunday, I'm attending my 1st 1/2 marathon training meeting by a running coach. Right now I'm training on my own with a schedule I found on pinterest {here}. I really like this schedule. You start slow & gradually increase your miles. I'm on week 8 & I feel great!  Busy weekend. Oh forgot to add in Christmas shopping. Shhhhh I haven't even started yet. Truth, I don't really care this year. I'm not stressing myself out! My kids will survive if they don't get the latest & greatest. Plus, the day after Christmas we leave super early for the east coast so I don't want too much to deal with. So do you have any big plans for the weekend... Do tell! Happy Friday everyone! 

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