Tuesday, September 5, 2017

call the dr. {interior design}

When you've been asked by one of the top Pediatric Dermatologists in San Diego to design her new office space... You don't think about it you DO IT! I've had the pleasure of knowing and going to Dr. Bari Cunningham {Comprehensive Dermatology} for years. So this opportunity was so exciting and thrilling for me!  

When Dr. Cunningham purchased the new practice she hired a commercial medical design team to do everything, but saved her little office space for me. I liked to think she hired me because of my fabulous jokes that keeps her in stitches every time I go in for my 6 month mole check {wink}! Nope, I got the job fair and square. We both had the same style!   

I started designing her little box right away! I consulted with my favorite cabinet maker and had a plan! She needed storage with style and a room that set her apart from her day to day routine. 

I had the cabinets painted a cool grey/beige color. Beyond stunning! The rest of her practice is pretty modern... With tons of clean lines and minimal decor.  So by adding the color and beading to her cabinet door fronts... Her little space went to the next level.  

With all the accessories that I put in I made the space feel warm and cozy. She also wanted to incorporate her families photos somewhere in the room. I asked for 3 important pictures and then organizing them together {same frames} and made them pop. Too many gets confusing and then the eye starts to wonder. So this placement of frames worked out nicely!  We didn't want too many accessories as well because she new that her paperwork would start to build up and get messy from time to time.  So it is true what they say, "Less is best!" 

On the left side of this bottom cabinet... We added a mini fridge. She wanted to be able to store drinks and a snack. Such a great idea {1 point for Bari}. By putting it to the back left you can't even tell its there because her chair hides it {1 point for Alexandra}

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first little doctors space I designed... I had a blast from start to finish. Look forward to many more in my future. OH and I highly recommend going to her for your children dermatology needs. Taylor and Ryan go to her and they adore Bari.  Rooster Approved

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