Monday, June 12, 2017

monday {meeting}

Ok lets talk Coastal Alley SALE... Our last POP up was a m a z i n g! After cleaning out the rustic rooster garage space {kicking myself we didn't do a before and after pictures} after 17+ years we discovered {some rat bodies, fabulous old treasures, massive amounts of old wood, spray cans and furniture} a fabulous Hampton style garage look! Sounds weird, but with the old wood vaulted ceilings and the rustic coastal vibe... It's wonderful! Mom and I just want to sit in there and drink coffee. We've even done more to the space since our last POP up sale... Painted the entire floor with a porch and floor finish in a grey so you don't see the old paint splatters everywhere and we put solid plywood on the back wall. That's still being painted a solid swiss coffee white to match out the other side of the garage. We want to keep improving this space so it's cuter and cuter for each POP up Coastal Alley SALE we have!   

My question to you all is,

"Do you all like the time we did the POP up Coastal Alley SALE?" 

"Do you think we should do the SALE once  every 2 or 3 months?" 

"Have it 2 days... Saturday and Sunday?"

So many questions! I'm just trying to figure out in my head a few things... I would love your feed back because you all are really my driving force in this operation! 

Mom and I got new selling aprons... Out with the OLD in with the NEW!{home goods for the win... $7.00 each}


As I've said before were going to be putting a select {6 to 8 items} amount of furniture and accessories on the new website section... SHOP. It's being designed at the moment, but I wanted to give you all a heads up. Of course you can go check out our new website  that I had done to close our old rustic rooster storefront chapter out. I felt bad because people still thought we had the shop  on Coast Highway 101. Plus, on the rustic rooster new site I'm adding another page... COASTAL SALE and we'll have the dates and times of the SALE's on it. So for all you planners and of course travelers who miss the rooster chicks... You can plan a head and schedule the rooster Coastal Alley S A L E in!

 Mom and I will be at another pop up in July that we've been asked to attend. I'll let you know that information the moment I get it. Stay tuned... Can't wait!!!

But in the mean time I would really L O V E all your wonderful feedback!

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